Koppa Counseling


Intake Assessment:

In this initial meeting, Dr. Koppa will evaluate current symptoms, personality traits, precipitating events, and family history related to difficulties of client. A plan will be made with the client to best address the struggles presented and the recommended treatment (if needed). If appropriate, referrals for medical evaluations and assessments may be made at this time.

After the assessment, a treatment program will be recommended to meet the specific needs of the situation.

Individual therapy:

Therapist meets with individual for a 45 minute session. The frequency and duration would be mutually decided on by therapist and client.

Couples therapy:

Therapist meets with the couple for a 60-75 minute session. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Koppa strives to help each couple discover a deeper, more fulfilling connection with their partner.

Family therapy:

Therapist meets with the family for 60-75 minutes to help bring family members together to address shared concerns. Family therapy is based on the belief that families are the greatest resource available to help individuals attempting to cope successfully with psychological or relationship issues.